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Halo, the world’s first equine AI technology platform and Palantir, Inc., a leading provider of AI systems, have joined forces in a strategic partnership, Halo announced at the AIP Conference in Silicon Valley, California on Thursday. This collaboration will offer analytics services to all members of the horse industry, starting with insurance solutions for owners, tailored to the unique risk profiles of their equine athletes. The Halo app is expected to launch on the eve of Royal Ascot at Kensington Palace.

The partnership will give horse owners, trainers, and equestrian enthusiasts with precision in predicting risks associated with their equine investments–before they happen. Owners who use the Halo app get a free 360 degree profile of their horses which provide recommendations on breeding, sales and racing decisions. The Halo app has an in-built AI assistant called Hailey, that owners can pose questions to like: “What is the most commercial stallion under $15,000 that I should breed my mare to?” Or “What are the top three listed races to target my horse at this year?”. Hailey is powered by over 100 years of global racing performance, sales results, jockey, trainer, racecourse, and horse welfare data.

“Halo is proud to join forces with Palantir to redefine the landscape of equine insurance,” said Neil Sands, a silicon valley design exec, and CEO of Halo. “We see a whole spectrum of applications for this technology, from breeding and auction, through to race selection, performance mapping and beyond. Our first mission however, is to transform horse welfare, by offering predictive insurance coverage that adapts to the ever-changing dynamics of the equine world. The equine industry has extensive pools of rich data that have never been taken from paper to a smartphone app like this before.

“We are already seeing this technology creating advantages in F1 racing, so why not in horse racing? Through this collaboration with Palantir, we are combining multiple data streams to deliver data-driven protection that predicts each horse’s specific needs at any given moment. We believe that every horse should have the cover it needs, and are welcoming investors and partners to participate with us at the outset of our journey. In short, Halo is horse powered AI.”

Palantir’s AI engine enables Halo to analyse a host of factors like a horse’s pedigree, health status, activity level, competitive and environmental conditions, in real time. There is also synergy between racing updates and the insurance arm of Halo, i.e. after a horse wins a race, Halo instantly offers the owner the opportunity to increase the insurance on that horse. In addition, there is also an in-app marketplace, set to begin later in 2024, which will enable owners to sell their horses on a secondary market on an international scale.

For more information about Halo and this new partnership, please visit Halo’s website.

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