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The biggest challenge is no one wants a ‘fun horse’ to win races anymore, they are just a liability, making vendors worry that official times will be harder to shift the bottom half of the sale. You can hit it out of the park on one but staying afloat is about how you shift the other 80% of your horses… As Brian Sheerin says, the times are available for anyone that wants them and I doubt there is a buyer on the sales ground that wouldn’t have known how a horse clocked, but the worry is simply that next step may make it harder again. The skill is in interpreting, stride, time and other data buyers can generate from a breeze-up sale, but the top buying teams have 15-20 people working on collecting, analysing and reviewing the data to come up with a short list. Most end up on similar horses creating the polarised ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ market and it comes down to who has the biggest wallet and willingness to spend.

–Matt Eves, Star Bloodstock

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