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Ken Ramsey said that his donor kidney surgery is scheduled for Thursday morning at 9 a.m. at New York Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. “I have passed all of my tests, and my donor has passed all his essential tests,” Ramsey said by text. “They’ve placed me on their accelerated priority list and are really taking good care of me. I will be the oldest kidney transplant they’ve ever done. The record is 84 and I’m going to be 88, seven months and 17 days. It’s nice to be the new poster boy. My gratitude and thanks to all the people who have helped make this possible.”

In May, Ramsey shared the news that he needed to find a living donor for a kidney, and that he wouldn’t survive the wait on the list, currently at around eight years, estimating that he had four months to live without it.

“Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes,” he said. “Tom Pope, a family friend, is generously donating me one of his kidneys. The surgery will last approximately four hours and I should be discharged Monday, June 24th if all goes well. I’ll have to stay in New York for 12 weeks. I have to go check in twice a week for six weeks and then once a week for six weeks. I feel blessed and very lucky that it all has gone so well. The support I’ve received has been overwhelming.”

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